IRS Audits / Tax Court

IRS Audits/Tax Court

Never represent yourself in a tax audit even when you think the IRS is asking for simple information. Even if you have been absolutely honest and filed everything correctly, meeting with the IRS can be an intimidating ladyjustice-1040form-tax_courtexperience. The IRS auditor represents the IRS, and is looking to find errors on your return. You should have someone that is looking out for your interest as well.

Hiring the right attorney can save you in time and money during an audit. The IRS won’t voluntarily tell you this, but the audit doesn’t have to be at the IRS office or your home.  It can be at the attorney’s place of business. This is important when you want a fair playing field and the comfort of the audit being a fair process.

Receiving an audit letter strikes fear in the hearts of people.  They take time and money away from your home and business and place you at risk of losing a tremendous amount of money. That’s why you need the Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. to be at your side in times like this.

The goal of the IRS is to collect money and assessing taxes is the starting point. They will leave nothing unexamined in order to do this. You have rights and that’s what the Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. is here to do; to protect you using your rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  You are entitled to representation so seek the best.  Call the Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. today.

In most cases the taxpayer won’t even see the IRS auditor or agent.  Because you chose an attorney, that professional is authorized to act and speak for you.  That’s reassuring we know, and that’s what our job is all about…giving you the assurance you rightfully deserve.

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