Tax Relief


tax-relief-couple_meeting-tax-attorneyThe need for tax relief from the IRS has grown at a staggering rate.  We can point to many factors such as the sustained weaken economy, politics in Washington, socioeconomic status, and the working family versus the rich.  I’m sure they are all very valid considerations, but rest assured the IRS in no longer a sleeping giant.

The boogie man in the night is very real.   The weapons the IRS can employ to reel the taxpayers in range from tax audits, placing liens and levies on your bank accounts, to actual seizure of your property are only a few in the IRS’ massive arsenal.

It is not our point to discuss the breath and reach of the IRS, rather to understand that attempting to deal with this aggressive titan alone places the taxpayer at a disadvantage that probably cannot be made up despite the taxpayers best  individual efforts.

The first thing you should do when contacted by the IRS is to call us.

Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.  is a seasoned law firm with over twenty five years of legal experience.  We have handled all manner of tax cases ranging from personal emotional support dog registration and business audits, tax due process hearings, offers in compromise, innocent/injured spouse relief, interest and penalty abatement, tax trials, etc.

Just as the power of the IRS has grown to affect you financially, the power to protect has grown as well.  Contact us so that we may discuss with you some of these measures.

Also, when you call we will send you our special report called:   “How to Find the Right Professional to Solve Your IRS Problem.”

Give us a call today.  (314) 862-0069

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